With 4 spacious rooms, we can accommodate from 125 to 1600 guests. Each room has a beautifully decorated suite, its own bar and restrooms. The Maître D' will coordinate all the details for you, making sure your day is perfect!

Download printable room layouts

Floor plan and guest list instructions

  1. "T" is for table number - Choose from the floor plan those tables which you wish to utilize and number them, in any order you wish, making sure you do not use the same number twice. Please denote which tables parents are to be seated at, as those tables will have pedestal centerpieces placed on them.
  2. "P" is for the number of people to be seated at each table. Tables of 10 are required.
  3.  Your guest list must be in the form of one alphabetized list from A to Z for everyone attending the function, what table number your guest is to be seated at and what they are having for their main course. Example:

Two weeks before function: Call in a tentative count of each dinner choice; make an appointment for 2 days before the function.

Two days before function: Final Count, Matches, Napkins, Guest Book, Seating Arrangements, Guest List, Introduction Sheet, Favors, Toast Goblets, Cake Knife, Final Payment of Balance Due.


To refresh your memory, the way the system works: We will have Hostesses in the foyer with copies of your guest list. As your guests arrive, they will be asked for their last name. For instance, they will say Mr. & Mrs. James Smith. The hostess will look under the S's and find their name and tell them which table they will be seated at. Those people having a main course other than Rib will be handed color coded tickets and asked to place them by their coffee saucers so the waitress will know what they are having for the main course.

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