Aqua Turf Club's Senior Events 

Hello! This certainly has been a long, difficult year for many of us, hasn’t it?

None of the great events I had planned for Senior Luncheons for 2020 took place. We went through two temporary shut downs; March through late summer and again late fall right up until now.

I won’t be hosting any of my fabulous senior luncheons in 2021, too much uncertainty and I want to be sure everyone is in a safe place when we do return.

I am, however, beginning to plan our comeback for 2022!! I’ve been meeting with my entertainment agent (Michael Morrissette), he and I are getting together dates and themes. I hope to get the fliers out by July 1st.

While I hope we will be able to pick up right where we left off, there may be some tweaking involved, especially if an event isn’t selling well enough to warrant its status to move forward. I’ll keep everyone posted if this should occur, of course.

Once you receive my flyer, reach out and say hello or better yet; Book a table with your friends!!

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon, Love Karen